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This family-owned business brings over 26 years of professional cleaning experience serving Southeastern Wisconsin.

Janitorial Cleaning Contracts
Leffler Cleaning services a wide variety of facilities. We have experience and expertise in cleaning multi-tenant office space, medical, municipalities, law firms, corporate headquarters, athletic clubs, schools, and churches.

Carpet Extracting
Leffler Cleaning uses a hot water extraction method. We have portable carpet machines that are great for open areas, corridors, and tight spaces.

VCT Floor Refinishing
Leffler Cleaning has extensive experience in this area. We refinish the floors in our janitorial accounts and special project work. Our floor techs are highly trained and qualified.

Ceramic and Quarry Floor Scrubbing
Leffler Cleaning is very experienced in floor scrubbing. We scrub these floor types in our accounts regularly. We know the chemicals and equipment needed to complete the job correctly.

Floor Buffing
This process is critical in the continual maintenance of floors. Leffler Cleaning tailors floor maintenance programs for our customers, with buffing being a substantial component. Our floor techs also use several different techniques depending on the type of flooring.

Upholstery Cleaning
Leffler Cleaning uses handheld machines to clean/shampoo any upholstery. This procedure dramatically improves the cleanliness of lobbies, and offices.

Interior Window Cleaning
Leffler Cleaning has the equipment and ability to wash any interior glass. We have several employees whose sole job is window washing to ensure the job gets done correctly.

Grout Cleaning
As an added value service to any office/restroom cleaning, we provide a high pressured grout and tile scrubbing.

Construction Clean-up
Leffler Cleaning offers various post-construction cleanings, such as scrap outs and phase cleaning. We will provide the staff, supplies, and equipment needed to perform all duties to complete the final cleaning project.

Gymnasium Floor Cleaning
Leffler Cleaning can provide a new look for old gymnasiums, racquetball, and multi-purpose wooden floors. We use an odorless, water-based wax that dries quickly and can be walked on in only 24 hours.

Estate Cleaning
We provide a complete home clean up, organization of personal effects, and removal of trash and unwanted items. We can clean homes, attics, garages, and 0exterior land to help get the property ready to be sold.

Special Projects
Allow Leffler Cleaning to provide a one-time special clean-up for the business, home, apartment, or warehouse.

Spring Cleaning
Clean the cobwebs out of your home, cottage, or garage after the long winter. We will provide staff, supplies, and equipment to deliver a professional annual spring cleaning.

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